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Education for children is something that can change their life. There should be a desire to better the educational system and to always be ready to improve it. There are many ideas as to what constitutes an ideal education. A number of factors come together to make an ideal education. Students, parents and teachers are the three key elements in a model education. A good relationship among these three parts is essential to a good education.

Students are the main members of this ideal system. They must have faith in their education. If they identify their goals they will become more active and motivated. The role of the teachers and parents is to help students finding their goals by showing the abilities and talents they have. The role of students is that in one side inform their parents about their studying, feelings and teachers and one the other side consult teachers about the lessons, exams, method of teaching or any other problem.

Students should be appreciative of their teacher's efforts and show thankfulness to their parents. They should do their best. They must be prepared for class. They cannot expect good grades in courses without studying several hours for each hour of class timetable. If they do not understand the material should ask the teacher questions. They should attend all classes or meetings of their courses. If they would be absent should not expect the teacher to teach the lesson again.

Parents are an important element in the perfect education. Parents who are not involved in their children's education only inhibit the efforts made by children and teachers in creating a good education. They are not informed about the student's progress and don't have any idea of the student's weakness. To achieve the level of educational system, parents have...