How identities develop throughout 'Grapes of wrath'- this essay is all about how charachters in grapes of wrath found their true identies

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How identities develop throughout 'Grapes of wrath'

In the novel, 'Grapes of wrath' by John Stein back, many people change and join groups, it is this that makes an identity. People's identities develop throughout the novel due to the consequences put against them whether it is good or bad. Places are also considered as their own identity and what we identify when we think of these places, such as California for the Joad family, that was like their heaven and the drive to California was the path that they took.

When the Joad Family set out towards their goal, to live in luxury, they were full of hope and desire only to come across pain and hatred for the farmers. When put into these circumstances people develop, into either good, hopeful people or bad, depressed people. The majority of the people in the novel 'Grapes of wrath' developed into upset and tragically hurt people from what they have seen and done to get to their goal.

John Stein back uses identity as a significant process for us to understand characters feelings and what they have to go through using such words as 'Needs, wants, insists and must have', all of these words signify the way people change through a short amount of time. Whilst on the farm in Oklahoma, they needed water for the crops to grow so they can pay, but in California they wanted the water to go away so they can earn their pay.

With each character we can identify them from how they act or what they say. Rose of Sharon whines and moans about what she needs and forgets to care about anyone or anything else. When Rose Of Sharon loses her baby she realizes straight away how she...