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  • The fight on illegal drugs in the marines-- boring essay.

    The U.S.A needs to start putting more money into schools and healthcare and maybe a little less on military so that people can write better essays, contrubute less to the growing number of overweight individuals.Well I understand that you have much experience in this field but you seem to be a little harsh on how you go about explaining yourself. Repitition is a word that describes this essay best.I don't see how that the marine corps is the "backbone of america" when all the murder to innocent survillians in poor countries accounts for the imparied decision of one man that may suffer such mission.I'm sorry but drugs for many people can sometimes calm and help an individual to work under pressure; Marijauna for instance, how much do you think they smoked in vietnam??Well basically, if someone was dumb enough to enter the marines with a 'zero tolerance' on illegal drugs and still use them then why enter in the first place?.
    • 23/11/2005
    • 19:47:03
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  • Binge drinking

    note to self: stop drinking, it will fuck up my life. thanks for the help
    • 24/10/2004
    • 13:24:50
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  • Great essay- good use of Quotes!! which i never see

    well first off i would like to say great essay, made me intrigued into how you interpreted the poem which for many people, may be different in any poem. well done. secondly, why so many people commenting on a single essay, i mean has anyone read the essay or are they just adding on to the growing population of followers, well never mind. people, when commenting at leat say something that will help the writer, how is "fuck you" helping to improve an allready great essay. i mean johns clear response back is, "write a better essay".
    • 22/09/2004
    • 17:03:51
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  • Wait a minute

    you are saying a persuasive essay is a bad assignment but you write a persuasive essay about hating these types of essays, a little bit confusing if you ask me
    • 21/09/2004
    • 18:17:05
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  • This actually got accepted???????

    are you joking cheathouse? i agree with legalization of weed but this isn't the way about getting it legalized by writing an imature recipe on making muffins, sure it looks like a tasty recipe but this isn't the website for it to be on
    • 08/05/2004
    • 23:07:06
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  • Nice structure, i enjoyed reading

    i forgot much of hamlet because i haven't read it for so long but you have encouraged me to get up and read it again, well done. nice structure and very few mistakes. i also liked the conclusion with the noble tyrant turned evil bit.
    • 07/05/2004
    • 17:42:56
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  • Compassionate

    great essay, you clearly expressed your feelings in a way that can only be seen through experience. the emotions shown through your essay are of love and sadness and made me keep reading. well done
    • 06/05/2004
    • 21:31:42
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  • Considering your age, this is very good

    lots of research but where's the bibliography, which sites were cited. you thought mental disabilites were kind of cool, which is kind of harsh coming from someone with no disability, people put up with many difficulties such as getting around and i doubt they find disabilities cool, in all though an actual good essay.
    • 06/05/2004
    • 20:16:08
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  • Its mind boggling for stoners

    lol, its not advised to read this essay under the influence of marijuana because it is known to make people believe
    • 06/05/2004
    • 19:59:43
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  • Great inspiration and experience makes good essays

    well done, i just have to say i enjoyed reading this essay so much, it proves that writing can also make pictures. they say a picture tells a 100 words well with your 350 words your gave me an entire video, great
    • 06/05/2004
    • 19:31:08
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  • We don't like it for the taste, we like it to get drunk

    no im joking, we all love the taste of beer but you didn't say which was your favourite and why you liked that particular brand. it would of been better if you had told the side effects of alchol and also what happens to the body during these times, in all great research and had good structure, well done
    • 06/05/2004
    • 18:39:09
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  • Much compassion is put into this essay

    you seem like you know where you are coming from having witnesses the name calling and the mental abuse from others, being an individual is better than being a group. don't be classified and grouped up like all the others in society, speak out. nice essay, i enjoyed reading it but it made me wonder is it better to have commen sense or to be book smart?? you didn't really answer this question for me
    • 06/05/2004
    • 18:17:00
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  • Sick

    never knew that but now i do, thanks for that,lol jkvery good research dude
    • 05/05/2004
    • 23:06:15
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  • We are still animals with or without science

    information is sometimes confusing since when did kids get bullied by cell phones?.science has taken us into a new kind of life and away from the days where people had no television and phones, we might be more informed now in this time but have we become more lazy with the new inventions from science, tell me what you think-
    • 05/05/2004
    • 22:57:43
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  • Thanks guys

    thanks for the comments my childhood meant a lot to me and memories are what keep me going, thanks, i still don't know why i moved from england to canada
    • 05/05/2004
    • 22:46:01
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  • King of reggae- bob marley- buffalo soldier

    im liking the end with the talk of bob, he is my hero and i think everyone should have a hero. oh i liked this a lot, makes me want to grow some dreads, smoke some weed and chill out with a bit of reggae in the background,jk lol,the green in the flag represents the amount of dope they have in jamiaca,
    • 05/05/2004
    • 20:08:46
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  • Are you serious??\ did you find dumbo scary too?

    Under 17, to be accompanied by an adult??that movie wasn't scary at all, maybe a bit tension grabbing but not scary. in all a good report though with good detail.
    • 05/05/2004
    • 19:48:45
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  • Good ol' s.t patricks day, where's the leprecaun?

    so i thought this was gonna be really fun to read but
    • 05/05/2004
    • 19:29:07
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  • Yeah its good but lets talk about he FUN

    anyway i think this is a good essay to teach very young children who are mis informed and gives a lot of info about dangers. statistics aren't allways correct so don't believe everything that you here. in general very good report
    • 04/05/2004
    • 22:09:32
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  • Someone know a lot about dope, makes me wonder, jk lol

    well you didn't really give your opinion on the whole legalization, it would of been better if you took a side andargued for it. but still you did cover both sides which i thought was good. well done, it seems as if you have looked at alot of studies
    • 04/05/2004
    • 21:58:22
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  • Funny

    im male and sorry i can't agree with this entirely sure people skip but this dosen't effect their life there any actual evidence for your essay. like percent of males skipping to pecent of females skipping. this would have been much easier to understand
    • 04/05/2004
    • 19:27:28
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  • Guns don't cause crime, the people do

    guns just make the people feel stronger and more secure in achieving their goal either to kill or all a very good essay, made sense
    • 04/05/2004
    • 19:22:34
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  • Its not a tragedy

    i beleive that it can't be a tragedy because ultimate love came from it, to die for another. there is hate in the play but also contrasted by the ever greatness of love. i did like this essay and made me think hard about it, tell me what YOU think
    • 04/05/2004
    • 19:06:52
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  • Good essay about culture

    very good, culture is important to everyone and i think you showed that through your writing. very good
    • 04/05/2004
    • 18:50:46
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  • Nice report

    i agreee with ED but i do think this is a very good report and much research is behind s i believe you tried really hard to achieve this
    • 04/05/2004
    • 18:45:08
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  • True true

    its an all good essay again, liked it cause its all true
    • 04/05/2004
    • 18:24:32
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  • Skateboarding and the areas surrounding it

    i liked this essay because the writer sounded like they knew what they were talking about which shows they actually skateboard or they have put alot of research into this.
    • 04/05/2004
    • 18:22:00
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  • Very good research has been put in this

    well done this is a great essay for enviromental science and how to improve our future. i liked it because it can turn into a good idea if used
    • 04/05/2004
    • 18:09:15
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