Day of the Dogs- the reason behind the way dogs got their name

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Day of the Dogs

One spring morning, before man lost the ability to talk to animals, they asked a pug to collect water. At this time the pug looked like any normal dog and was happy to do the man's bidding.

This day, the water of the great river was particularly high and the current was strong. The Pug wasn't a strong swimmer so only wadded in a little way to get the water. Just then a sudden strong current swept the pug down stream towards a great waterfall. The pug screamed for help but no one heard. He tried to swim to shore but wasn't able to and fell over the falls, head first into a rock. Since then, the pug has always had a flat face. The pug got to his feet put was trapped on the rock, with a strong current either side.

The pug eventually attracted attention from the Dachshund which at the time, like the pug looked like any other small dog.

After a lot of thinking the Dachshund decided to rescue the pug from the rough waters, he dug his claws in to the bank and stretched towards the pug. He almost reached but the fast current hit him resulting in his body being stretched before his claws could pull him out. Because of this, the Dachshund has a longer body than any other small dogs.

The Dachshund went into the forest looking for help when he came across a poodle, he told the poodle what had happened and took him to the river. The poodle prided himself for having such strong legs and long wavy hair. The poodle had never swam before scared of getting his hair wet but under the circumstances he stepped into the water. He rescued the pug whilst getting...