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After Diomedes wounds Ares, Ares immediately flies to mount Olympus to complain to Zeus. Zeus' original reaction (5.1027-1030) is to compare Ares to his mother Hera. Zeus shows his anger towards Ares vividly and also lends to his compassion as his father. Zeus is torn here; we can see his emotions split not knowing which he should act upon. This compassion is a very human side of this great God.

Zeus compares Ares unrationalized anger to his mother's similar actions. "You have your mother's uncontrollable rage," this shows that Zeus is angry with his son's and wife's behavior. He can not control or understand this part of his family, "incorrigible, that Hera." He believes strongly that this behavior has been directly passed down from to Ares genetically from Hera, " Hera's urgings, I trust, have made you suffer this." Although being Ares' father, Zeus also feels compassion and wishes to protect his son.

"You are my child," with this we see Zeus' fatherly side. Fathers are normally angry to see a son fail, yet they also can not stand to see them in pain and Zeus is no exception, "I cannot bare to see you agonize so long." This fatherly instinct makes it easier for the reader to understand Zeus. Parental instinct is a common human characteristic that many people can sympathize with. This behavior, in a sense, makes the Gods less untouchable.

Zeus deals with his son's agony and defeat with a human fatherly reaction. First he is upset and disappointed. He then does everything in his power to stop his son's pain. Homer has done well with bringing human characteristics to the Gods throughout this entire epic, which makes it easier for the reader to comprehend what is going on. We understand...