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Zeus was the ruler of all Greek Gods and was the father to most of them. Being this supreme ruler he upheld law, justice and morals, and that made him the spiritual leader of all gods and men. He built his domain on mountain tops and in the clouds (heaven). From there he could survey and enliven all below him. Zeus's breastplate was the aegis (goatskins of Amaltheia), his bird was an eagle, and his tree was the oak.

Zeus was the god of the sky. Always being associated as a weather god for everybody worshiped him for being a weather god. He controlled rain, clouds, thunder, and most known for wielding thunderbolts (lightning). Theocritus wrote in 265 B.C.E.: "sometimes Zeus is clear, sometimes he rains." Some stories and poems like lliad have said: That he had sent thunderstorms against his enemies. He has been known to be the creator of thunderstorms.

Also has been represented as the god of justice and mercy, a protector of the weak, and punisher of the wicked.

Zeus becoming the god of all gods didn't come easy. For one, had a rough childhood, and ended up saving the lives of his brothers and sisters. He was the sixth child of his parents' Cronus and Rhea. Cronus was the supreme ruler of the universe and became that supreme ruler when he slayed his farther, Uranus. Cronus had been warned that one day his son would dispose of him as he had done his father. Knowing the consequences, he swallowed all Zeus's brothers and sisters, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, as they were born. Not wanting to become dethroned from his son Zeus. Yet when Zeus was born his mother Rhea and Gala, Rhea's mother, tricked Cronus by switching a stone wrapped...