Zeus: Ladies Man or Con Artist

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Will we ever find out if ancient myths were true? These myths are somewhat mind-boggling and yet somewhat believable at the same time. One myth in particular that I find truly inconceivable is that of Zeus. I understand that all of the gods and goddesses had special powers and things of that sort, but someone being able to control the weather is just absurd. Although, he was considered the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and deities as well as mortals worshiped him, he was, in my opinion, what is called in modern times a playboy. Some would say he was just lucky with the women, a Casanova, but in my opinion, I believe he was nothing more than a trickster.

"Zeus had many love affairs with mortal and immortal women (Zeus, 2006). According to the myth, his first love was Metis, who was the goddess of prudence. He proceeded to swallow Metis in fear of their future daughter's son taking over his reign and also to carry their unborn child to birth himself, without a woman's involvement. There was also Hera, who was his wife and his sister. She was always jealous of Zeus and tried to get back at him by bearing a child of her own without being fertilized. "His union with Leto (meaning the hidden one) brought forth the twins Apollo and Artemis" (Leadbetter, 1997). Not only did Zeus seduce deities, but mortals as well. "In order to achieve his amorous designs, Zeus frequently assumed animal forms, such as that of a cuckoo when he ravished Hera" (Zeus, 2006). One mortal, the Spartan queen Leda, was tricked by Zeus by way of transforming himself into a swan. For some reason, Leda found this arousing and somehow laid an egg of...