The Honest Odysseus

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Honesty is the structural beam for a good reputation and for trust. To be trusted you need honesty, and it all comes together in the great circle of our pitiful meaningless lives. Odysseus did not look at that phrase that way; in fact he realizes life as completely the opposite. "Good god," he must have been be thinking, "my life is short, I must make a good impression for the world to see." He understood how important it was to be trustworthy of the gods and mortals alike. His reputation served him well in most of his adventures but they didn't when he got home. But all those wretched men ended up dead.

The hero of this timeless classic is Odysseus, a good man from the country of Pyloss. His adventures started when he left his beautiful homeland for the impregnable fortress of Troy to do battle. They ended up beating those scalawags but unfortunately for him and the crew they got into trouble with Lotus eating and were basically sentenced to death.

Odysseus willingly survived this and many other misfortunate events followed thereafter. Being honest served him well after this incident when _____ filled a magic bag with magic air. Being truthful got him the bag but when he and his crew sailed away, his dishonest crew betrayed the poor soul and doomed their ship to hell. Odysseus came back to ______ but he turned our poor hero out the door for "being reckless" which he actually wasn't.

Sure, this great guy slept around a lot with some goddesses like circe, but he did tell his wife the truth when he got home. I'm sure that his telling the truth was an extra lovemaking bonus but it also saved his marriage. Can you imagine, as a faithful and...