Identity Crisis for Yellowknives

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this is a paper on current issues of a tribe I got to choose out of the subarctic native american group. i chose the yellowknives and this paper was done about 2 yrs ago

In the early 1800 and 1900's the Yellowknives were the largest and most powerful tribe in the geographic area. In 1900, at the signing of Treaty 8 with the Crown, the Yellowknives were the largest tribe to sign the treaty. Chief Snuff of the Yellowknives was the one who stepped forward to sign the treaty. This treaty was Treaty 8, 1900. Chief Snuff lived on the south shore and east arm of Great Slave Lake. The people that lived on the Taltson and created a life in the area, were dubbed the Rocher River people in the 1920's. Chief Snuff had a cabin he resided in, which was located about ten miles from Rocher River on a little piece of land beside the water, called Snuff Channel, which was located on the Taltson River.

The Yellowknives continued to reside in this area until the early 1960s. The Yellowknives were forced to relocate due to a fire that burned down the schoolhouse in Rocher River. Not too long after, the records show that the Taltson River hydro dam was built. The last chief of the Rocher River Yellowknives was Chief Pierre Frise who was chief in the 1960's and was strongly opposed to the building of the Taltson River dam. During this point the real Yellowknives were dispersed to Fort Resolution, Yellowknife, and other areas of Canada.

As can be seen and verified through historical records the original Yellowknives continued to be the largest tribe in the north until the 1900's, verified by the historical treaty documents. From the 1920's through the 1940's the Yellowknives still retained...