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Is Malthus' theory relevant today? Malthusian's base their ideas on the theory of Thomas Malthus. The theory states that the human population growth is limited. He felt that humans should recognize that it is wrong to have children that they cannot support. In a global aspect what Malthus implies is correct because his theory applies to developing and under developed countries. The third world nations and under-developed countries are responsible for a great deal of population growth.

Malthusians today argue that the problems in developing countries are due to the lack of trained scientists, shortage of research funds, social conflict, and political mismanagement. They also believe that eco-disasters, shortages of housing and food, and unemployment all lead to conflict, mass migration, political terrorism and regional wars. Virtually every important issue we confront today is caused or multiplied by population growth.

Developing and under developed countries are going through many economical-disasters.

Though the economical and social impacts, of population growth are often difficult to see, a growing population shows a great need for infrastructure. Growing population strains transportation, education, energy, and the waste disposal systems. The result is also more people requiring services of police protection and health services. When population is growing faster than resources or services can't be provided scarcities occur. Resource scarcities due to population pressures cause a number of problems "“ they force domestic and international migration, and cultural tensions, and drive wars and civil unrest. Only if the rate of resource consumption is able to maintain and production meets the rate of population growth, will the human condition improve.

A shortage of research funds is a contributing factor to the overpopulation in developing countries. In countries such as Africa, one in three children is underweight and malnutrition contributes to nearly seven million children deaths each...