. If you became one of Maslow's self-actualizers, reaching your full human potential, how would you describe yourself at that point?

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Abraham Maslow, one of the leaders of the Humanistic movement in psychology, has theorized that we all follow a hierarchy of needs. These needs begin with basic needs such as physiological needs (air, food, water, sleep, etc.) and safety and security. Once these basic needs have been relatively satisfied, higher growth needs can be sought. First, we try to find love and belonging through family, friendships and other mutually caring relationships. Once these are relatively secure, we seek self-esteem by obtaining goals which foster recognition and self-respect. The ultimate need or motive can only be met once all of these needs have been relatively satisfied.

When I grow grey and old I would like to tell me grandchildren and all the people surrounding me, my wonderful experiences through life. I would like to say I traveled to various places, met wonderful people all across the world and had a taste of all types of cultures.

I would also like to have a huge family to carry on the love I have. So my house could be full of warmth and love. I would imagine summarizing my life wouldn't be an easy thing to do. Obviously I would like to say that I enjoyed my life to the fullest. I would hope that I don't carry any type of regrets and grudges; because that's bad for the heart and soul. I would also tell me grand children to stay away from drugs and alcohol; to choose your friends wisely and knowledgeably.

Accomplishments for me are a very important aspect when it comes to summarizing my life. What did I accomplish and learn from those accomplishments, my goals my desires in life. I dream of having wonderful kids and a loving husband; who will take care of my thought good and...