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Because of my natural curiosity, I am always seeking new experiences to broaden my horizons. I was voted Most Versatile in high school and continue to enjoy a variety of hobbies that transcend different subject areas and skill sets. On a given weekend, I may run 10 miles, volunteer at the community center or practice the clarinet. The following weekent I'll take a class in tile repair and redo my kitchen wallpaper. Friends jokingly call me the "gal for all seasons", never knowing which hobby I'll pursue next. No one understands my motivation. Many times, I am eager to explore and identify latent talents, such as painting and decorating. Other times I simply yearn to experience everything, to live life to the fullest.

My natural curiosity is an inherently positive attribute that opens my world to new experiences. Yet it occasionally diverts focus from my primary interests, leaving me overcommitted with recreational activities and half-finished projects.

While I'm decidedly well-rounded, I want to be more focused on fewer pursuits that truly matter to me. I make a conscious effort to choose my hobbies more selectively, being a more focused individual. I've learned that I can't experience everything, no matter how many hours I have each day.