An Illness in Africa

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Many countries experience diseases that wipe out a part of their population. However, Africa deals with this everyday. Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. Illness devastates many families and individuals. Aid has been offered to Africa many times and has not been able to help a large number of people. An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describes the problems in Africa and the plans that people have to help solve some of Africa's problems.

Africa suffers from poverty, malnutrition, and disease, such as Aid's. These have been issues in Africa since long ago. The article states that aid has been a failure because all of the money is given to African's that are already wealthy. Africa has been receiving aid for more then 50 years, but the country still remains poor. The leaders in some of the countries are already corrupt. This means that the money that they receive is not being used to benefit the citizens.

Also, not all of the countries in Africa are receiving aid. Only certain countries have received help. So, some countries have not had a chance to become a better country. People who give aid to African countries sometimes know that they are giving money to corrupt leaders and will not be used to help the citizens. Yet, they give the money anyways. The policy's that the government uses needs to be changed for African countries to become a little bit wealthier.

Africa still has the same problems that they've had for many years, even though they have received millions of dollars in aid. Malnutrition, poverty, and disease is having a huge toll on Africa and the people that live there. Hopefully, Africa will be able to receive more aid and put it to good...