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Essay Two Imagery is a major key element in poetry and since my class and I have been studying this type of writing, we are exposed to it frequently. There are all sorts of imagery too. There is visual, smell, hearing, taste, feel, ECT... Each one of these is very useful in describing whatever is trying to be described in a piece of writing. If you break down the word imagery you get the word image, which means a picture or visual to the mind. In other words you brain makes an image/visual when the image is not physically not visual.

A great example of a story of imagery is the short story, ?The Rocking-Horse Winner;? written by D.H. Lawrence. This story uses all sorts of imagery including sight and hearing. Having these descriptions helps the reader feel like he or she is an audience to the story, actually seeing and hearing the story in progress.

Why this author used sight and hearing imagery is because this story involves yelling, crying, cheering and also the sight of riding the rocking horse. If the story were just told, then the reader would not get the same affect from the story. ?The Rocking-Horse Winner,? is a simple story involving a boy in his teen years, trying to bet on real racehorses. He rides the rocking horse as if he was a jockey in the race. He closes his eyes and imagines he is in the race and at the end of the race he visualizes the winner. With that in mind he is betting who would win in real life. The boy seems so fascinated about winning the races and most important winning the prize money that he rode the rocking horse in that manor. But to describe...