Imaginary World-The Land Of Melody

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English coursework- The land of Melody Finally four thirty, i'm home! As I step in the door and fling my bag to one side and my jacket to another, i can already feel the music drawing me. I walk into my room and over to the CD rack, my fingers glide slowly across the rows. I try to determine my mood in my mind, I'm in the mood for hip hop. My finger stops at D-12; I turn on the CD player, open the CD case and and put the CD on. Only one thing left to do, press the play button! Welcome to my world, the land of Melody...

As I lie on my bed I feel the music flowing out of the speakers and into my body. The electrical impulses accumulate in my heart, causing it to explode and spread the music to every limb of my body, lifting me to another dimension.

Anything is possible when you are surfing the sound waves of this parallel universe.

I am no longer breathing air, I am breathing music. My heart pounds in sync with the beat; in this galaxy of sound I am totally at peace with myself and at one with the music. I float on a stream of songs, they surround my body and embrace me. I can hear, feel, and almost see and smell the music.

Suddenly my perfect harmony and continous flow are abruptly disturbed by a faint buzzing noise, and I'm ripped out of my daze that seemed so real. The buzzing noise suddenly seems very familiar, the door bell is craving attention. I can't help giving the CD player a last, longing look, before turning it off and going to open the door.

My dad's home from work, that means that I've been at home for about two hours. I feel a bit puzzled; how can two whole hours disappear into what, to me, seemed like only a second? I have attempted to describe what cannot be put into words. A feeling, a whole world, just outside the grasp of human understanding. If you ever see this world for yourself you will be surprised by how hard it is to explain, even though the feeling is so simple. The only effective way to properly experience this world is, and always will be to go there yourself.

So enter the land of Melody. can you feel the beat?