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Josef Stalin killed tens of millions of people, unjustly tried his enemies, and completely betrayed the ideals of communism. Even though he ran one of the most brutal regimes in history; his people praised him. The main reason behind his success was his effective use of propaganda. His fictional counterpart, Napoleon from Animal Farm, also recognizes the importance of propaganda. The main propaganda techniques he uses in Animal Farm are fear, scapegoating, and transfer. Each type of propaganda proved to be a powerful tool that allowed Napoleon to maintain control.

Fear kept Animal Farm rallied around Napoleon, preventing keeping Squealer, the propagandist, primarily used the previous owner of the farm to create fear. On multiple occasions he says, "Surely none of you want Jones to come back?" Jones was an abusive farm owner, who took all the profit and rarely fed the animals. As the animals wish for Jones not to come back, they take anything that Squealer tells them without objection.

This fear not only makes the Animals take orders without doubt, but also makes the animals rally around Napoleon. To run anything successfully, you need a leader that manages the whole operation. In the animal's eyes, Napoleon and the pigs run the operation that keeps Jones away. Consequently, their fear of Jones makes the Animals unite under Napoleon. Additionally, fear prevents animals from speaking up, which is crucial to the success of propaganda. This fear is mostly created with the dog's presence. The narrator says, "The three dogs who happened to be with him growled so threateningly, that they accepted his explanation without further questions". Clearly the dogs are frightening. The dogs are loyal to the pigs and if an animal were to speak their opinion, then they would be killed. Only a couple of animals know...