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The story "Not Your Homeland" by Edwidge Danticat depicts the severe treatment of refugees from Haiti. They suffer greatly from various conditions including starvation, illness, and a lack of clothing and shelter as a result of the devastating events of the intervention of the USA and United Nations on their homeland and the Earth Quake of 2010. Danticat's work is extremely important as it shows the loss of many innocent lives as a result of attempted migration of immigrants and clearly describes the conditions which these victims face.

Through her work Danticat uses harsh descriptions of the survivors from Haiti to represent the unfortunate conditions which they face as a result of seeking a safe homeland. In the beginning of the passage Danticat encounters several women and their children at a Miami Detention Center. They experienced grief from mental and physical manipulation.

Danticat states her experience, "I met a pretty woman who told me that she'd lost a lot of weight, not only because of the sorrow that plagued her constrained life - a life in which she was forbidden even to stand in the hotel hallway - but also because she couldn't bring herself to eat. The food she was fed would neither stay up nor down. Either she vomited it or it gave her diarrhea." This quote clearly shows how the mental and physical treatment of refugees as a result of unwelcomed immigration. Danitcat also experiences the severity of immigration through the loss of her uncle who sought escape to Miami during the Bel Air attack by the United Nations and USA on Haiti. He was threatened to leave his homeland or the rebels would hurt him. Luckily, he escaped but was not welcomed to the USA by the...