Immigration in an Anthropology Perspective

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In the history of American there have been many groups of people immigrating to Americas. To be more specific The United States of America. When the first settlers landed on the banks of Virginia, the first immigrants to land on Elise Island. A variety of people from all around the world see a new life and better opportunity in the land of the free.

Through out the history of The United States there have been many periods in which immigration has been banned to certain groups of people. In every Era, a law has been passes prohibiting people of certain backgrounds or people from certain parts of the world were not allowed to enter the USA. But still people found a way to enter the country.

To this day people still find a way into the country without the US government knowing. These undocumented immigrants are all over the country.

They are an intricate part of the American experience. All immigrants, whether documented or undocumented make up our society. They all contribute something to this country.

One of those groups that have influenced the American way of life is the people of the Trinidad and Guyana. To be more specific, the people of East Indian descendants. From since the Early 1980's the first wave of Immigrants arrived from Guyana and Trinidad. Some came legally but most entered illegally. They all came for a chance at a new beginning. Most of the early West Indian immigrants were people that came without their family.

Since the first immigrants started to arrive in America, the immigration laws have always changed. When the first Immigrants arrived, the immigration laws were very different from what they are now. One of the major changes within the last ten years is called the Patriot Act. Life...