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Immigration has been a very serious problem within the United States for many years. I personally feel that it is hurting our economy because of the drain of open jobs available to our own citizens. Immigration is a very controversial issue not only at home, but also amongst the entire world today. The majority of this "movement" is taking place within the U.S. It has caused a dramatic increase in population. Because of the increase, crime rates are at their highest. Immigration is also being blamed for decrease in wages and shortages of job opportunities. It also plays a large part in drug smuggling. People have several different views and beliefs toward this issue. Some believe that we should keep the door open and allow immigrants to continue coming to the United States. Others believe that we should put a stop to it because they think it is causing so many problems that the cost outweighs the profit.

Legal and illegal immigrants who are threatening our way of life and livelihood are invading America.

Immigrants come to the United States out of their own free will, but many were also forced to leave their homeland. They come to seek religious freedom, better living conditions, and a chance to improve their own lives. The push came from conditions in Europe that some immigrants found intolerable. Religious intolerance also drove the oppressed to pull up stakes, forsake family, friends, and community risk a sea voyage for many weeks and plant new roots in America (Leinwand 22). When the immigrants arrived they were put to work. Once they found out that there was cheap land, religious tolerance and low taxes more and more people began to enter the U.S., which started the cause of several different problems.

One question to be asked...