What was the impact of the war on the US economy?

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America officially entered the second world war after a shocking attack from the Far East as Japan crushed the US base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. On 7th December 1941, a gulf of Japanese planes blasted the American fleet at anchor. The US vowed revenge on the treacherous and murderous onslaught as they promptly declared war on Japan the very next day. America were at war. Although America had been severely crushed by the attack on Pearl Harbor, it was there that all their destruction ended. The war had a huge impact on the economic state in the US and they were the only country to have experienced one of the greatest economic successes as they emerged from the war stronger economically than when they entered the war.

Before the war began America was suffering from the Great Depression where millions of people were unemployed and were finding it hard to get jobs.

The US economy in the 1920's was a disaster due to the Depression. This state of unemployment effected not only the ordinary working men but also the agricultural state of the country as farmers experienced unemployment too, due to the lack of products being sold. As a result the Great Depression caused the collapse of thousands of industries and businesses. However, America pulled back with a bang that put them onto a whole new scale from all the other countries during the second world war.

The war years, 1941 to 1945, brought a rapid end to the Great Depression as the economic success of the country soared unlike any other economic boom ever to have occurred. As America entered the war late they barely suffered from the devastating effects, except the Pearl Harbor attack, unlike the European countries where their main lands were reduced to wreckage. The...