Implications of the CITP program for CPA's.

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In world of innovative technologies and an economy with great fluctuations, the need for accountants that are IT incline is growing. The CITP (Certified Information Technology Professional) accreditation distinguishes CPAs that are both proficient in accounting, and IT. It is the leverage needed in troubled economy to ensure that a CPA reaches the top of their profession.

With accounting fraud rising at an alarming rate due to an ever-growing paper-less and technology driving environment, the art of accounting has changed. The days of tallying up a balance sheet by hand are long gone. "More and more companies are turning to their CPAs to act as interpreters between them and computer service providers," said James Metzler, the current committee chairman and a partner in charge of marketing and information technology at Gaines, Metzler, Kriner & Co. Companies are now more in need for someone who can give them a competitive edge.

With this in mind, accountants that lack the knack for Information Technologies are now finding themselves out of the big picture.

The CITP was designed by the AICPA as a clandestine for CPAs to keep them a step-a-head. With the demise of countless companies in the recent years, companies are looking for people that have traditional backgrounds with a grasp on technology. CITP accreditation complements the conventional CPA and assures success.

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