The Importance and Economics of Education

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If you look in to our economy you see that education plays a major factor. Education is one the key factors of being successful. Not only does the individual gain an advantage from having an education, but its economy also benefits. For the individual, their benefits would lay in basically the quality of life having economy returns the favor of having an education with a sustained and satisfying job, hypothetically speaking. For the economy, the potential benefits lie in economic growth and the increase of shared values that support bringing the economy together socially. Depending on the individual and how far there willing to continue their education, depends where you will be financially wise, in the future.

Troubles of a High School dropout What is a High School dropout? A high school dropout could be a student who was enrolled in school during the previous school year and for whatever reason chose not to enroll at the beginning of the current school year.

Another example of a drop out would be a student that has not graduated from high school or finished a state or district-approved education program.

Reasons why students become High School Dropouts Students who choose to drop out of school have many different reasons. Some that may seem ?good at the time? and then there are others that may not, depending on the student and their situation. Rationale reasons of why students may drop out of school may consist of having to deal with either school or personal based problems. These may include: Not feeling safe in or at the school. Making failing grades and, or not being able to keep up with the schoolwork. Not getting along with the students or teachers. Having disciplinary problems, either being suspended, counseled or expelled. Getting married, pregnant or...