Importance of chlorophyll

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In this project I will be talking about whether Chlorophyll is the most important molecule in the world or not. I will firstly talk about what it is, what it does, what is photosynthesis and its general characteristics. I will then compare arguments on both sides, and from that make a final decision.

Firstly what is Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a substance or rather a molecule which gives plants and leaves their greenish hue, so it is present in all green leaves and plants within chloroplasts. However it does a lot more than just give plants their green colour it is essential for their way of life. They need chlorophyll as it also generates their own food, without it the plant would simply starve. This process of producing their own food is called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll absorbs light, and uses this light to make energy (glucose).

But chlorophyll is just a small part of photosynthesis roots also play a vital part.

They suck up nutrients and water from the soil and use that and the hydrogen present in water for energy as well. This energy is then used in many different ways. It could build amino acids which in turn produce proteins which help build up and repairs the plant. The plant can also use this glucose, to form starch which is insoluble and so can be stored for future use.

Chlorophyll does not also only help the plant but in a lot of ways helps us indirectly. Arguably it could be called the most important molecule in the world. This could be true, as Chlorophyll provides us with a many number of things.

It provides us firstly and most obviously food. Chlorophyll helps plants grow which in turn can be eaten either by herbivores which are then eaten by us...