The importance of Jury service The conclusion may need some work

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"The Importance of Jury Service"

Jury service is important because not only is it our civil duty but it is also a very important aspect of our law system. Without a jury there would be no such thing as a "fair trial", it is a much harder system to corrupt, and you have more than one person deciding if the defendant is guilty or not guilty apposed to one person deciding.

The jury system is so important that the framers of the constitution put it in the Bill of Rights in 1791. The sixth amendment clearly states "A person accused of a crime has the right to be tried in court without undue delay and by an impartial jury"(Article III Section 2 clause 3). This should show us exactly how important Jury service is not only as a local community but a nation as a whole. In my eyes this is one of the (if not thee)

most important of civil duties in the United States of America. I feel that taxes, voting, and other civil duties or important, but jury service is important in deciding who is a criminal and who isn't and sometimes a persons life is on the line.

These are many reasons that prove jury services importance. The Bill of Rights are not able to be amended, which should show how strongly the framers of the Constitution felt about the importance of fair trials and the importance of a jury.

In conclusion jury service is an important part of our nation and should never be avoided, or looked at as a chore because next time I have jury service I'll be proud to go!