The Importance of Voting

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Are you a registered voter? Women, African Americans, and the poor fought for the right to vote. Certainly, their descendants should exercise this right. Around the world, many people can not express their opinions. One reason concerns a person's forbiddance to vote. However, in America, almost everyone has this freedom. Voting is an important responsibility that every American citizen should participate in. No matter who you are voting for, your vote always counts.

Voting should be a sacred right held by each American citizen. In fact, the voting turnout in the United States is remarkably low. A few years ago, over 100 countries were ranked on turnout; Americans were ranked twelfth from the bottom. This is an issue that needs to be remedied. You should know that if you fail to vote, you are the reason why the United States' voter turnout is ranked so low. Voting has decreased significantly in the United States, and we can do something about it.

Those who vote will determine the outcome of an election. Those who do not vote will be forced to agree with the outcome. Many people think that their vote does not matter. If everyone felt that way, we would never elect a president! Maybe you feel that voting wastes your time. Even if this is how you truly feel, remember that the winning president may have an enormous impact on you. Do you complain about school policies? Were you ever unhappy of your town's roads or state's tax rates? You should vote for the elected official that you know would voice your complaints. You voted for them, and they will work for you.

Suffrage in the United States has been a long battle to extend the right to vote from a small group of white males to all persons...