Individual Desires and Beliefs

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Everyone possesses individual desires and beliefs as everyone has their own ideals and goals that they want to achieve. These desires and beliefs serve as their guiding light in life and this in turn affects their actions. In the play An Enemy of the People, individual beliefs and desires versus society?s beliefs and desires is a central theme. There is a constant tussle between the individual and society?s wants and convictions, and thus sometimes, we see how the individual?s desires and beliefs are compromised by society.

Different ideologies can lead to war. Different practices and cultures can result in racial and religious riots. Similarly, varying desires and beliefs can lead to one being prejudiced and persecuted against. Thus, when faced with instances where individual and societal desires and beliefs clash, some might choose to alter their own modes of thinking, in order to save their own skin. In the play, the character Hovstad is one who demonstrates this action.

Hovstad is a ?radical? who is a ?graduate of the peasantry.? Perhaps because of his background, he ?hates authority? and wants to ?blow that smug cabal of old, stubborn, self-satisfied forgies to bits.? He ?knows what the underdog needs,? and this is why he supported Dr. Stockmann?s ideas and vision in the beginning, as he could empathise with Dr. Stockmann?s position. However, because of the ?new taxes,? and because society supports Peter Stockmann and does not believe in what Dr. Stockmann claims about the ?springs? being ?poisoned,? he switches his stand to what the majority believes in, and this is due to the fact that he wants ?more than anything to belong.? Thus, he does not agree to print the article anymore, and from his enthusiastic support at the start of the play, Hovstad now claims that the act of...