Industrial revolution of America

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I. Introduction: In the beginning, the United States was a very young country who was trying to find its own identity aside from its mother Britain. The Industrial Revolution between 1810-1860 helped the United States change its ways for their people to help their lives. During the time of the Industrial Revolution in America was a time of great inventions. The impact of these inventions changed how their daily routines were done. Many families relocated to the cities because of jobs in the factories replaced the jobs they had in their own homes. Before the Industrial Revolution there were very little machines that were used on the farms. It took the labor of the whole family to raise enough money needed for the family to survive. Of the duration of this time if families needed something they would either make it themselves or buy from someone else in their community.

The effects of the Industrial Revolution were not as perfect like others had hoped for. The consequences the factory had on the workers especially the families effected their health dramatically. There were also many unions that were formed because of the numerous rules and especially low wages. Although the Industrial Revolution was not always smooth, it had its time when it was not safe but it led to inventions, jobs, family and social structure.

II Cause of the Industrial Revolution A. The real impetus for America entering the Industrial Revolution was the passage of the Embargo Act 1807, and the War of 1812. (Kelly, 2001) i. During the War of 1812 the goods that were purchased from England were no longer available to America. As a result America started to produce their own goods by building factories.

a. If the War of 1812 and the passage of the Embargo...