The Inevidable World War 1

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The Inevitable World War I

World War I was inevitable. There was no other way to deal with the current situation, than war. Firstly, imperialism was occurring, which was the expanding of each country to gain more land, and therefore, power. Africa was the newest country that was sought after because of natural resources that were found there. Nationalism was also occurring. At this time, there were three week eastern empires, the Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman. All of these nations inside these empires wanted their independence, and were proud to be their own. So, these countries formed alliances to protect themselves. But, instead of protection, this made many countries get involved in a war that started as a small conflict. The empires themselves were losing power because of nationalism, so they wanted to gain more power and more land territory. France wanted to gain back the area of Alsace and Lorraine because of a defeat in the Franco-Prussian war of 1871.

France and Germany also had a long going animosity because of this war. France also feared Germany and their great power. In fact, fear was a reason that World War I was fought. Before the war, the emperor of Germany failed to renew the alliance with Russia, allowing France to be Russia's full ally. This was very important when most countries were creating alliances. Serbia wanted to expand as well and Austria was afraid of losing power if they did not confront the Serbians. Austria was also concerned with the near doubling of Serbia during the Balkan Wars. A huge reason that World War I was inevitable was because militarism was starting to take place. Each country began to acquire more weapons, and also build up their armies. When Germany built up its army, the other strong powers had...