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11 Jan 2009" SILENCE! I KEEL YOU! " (Dunham). This is the type of humor you will get when watching a Jeff Dunham show. Jeff is a ventriloquist with 7 oddly unique puppets that will make you laugh to you cry. Comedy genius, you could say that. His jokes are rare and exquisite, comedic skills impeccable, and is truly a master of his craft. He makes the puppets come alive and seem real. There are four simple reasons why Jeff Dunham is the best, Peanut, Walter, Achmed, and of course Bubba J.

Peanut has to be the funniest and the craziest puppet of Jeff's. Just look at him, he's a woozle with a tad bit of green hair on his head, that has a special bit of its own, and only one shoe. He's sense of humor is quite something and can sometimes be a little too much. He's jokes aren't always appropriate, but they make a tremendous show.

Peanut keeps things entertaining and when he is on the stage your always laughing and even crying. Once, during a show with deaf listeners, Peanut thought he would get even with them and performed this bit. " Then to really screw with him I said , stop sign, turn around, thank you, doing doing, horse shoe, turtle, digadigadiga " (Dunham). Its funny but to a point it is wrong. All in all, Peanut is a crowd pleaser and one of the funniest puppets around.

Walter the grouchy old man and a Vietnam war veteran. Him a nice man..not quite. He's very opinionated, quite sarcastic, and has a mind of his own. He really could give two craps about anyone or anything. Half the time he spends bashing his own wife and the other just making fools out of anyone who comes into his path. When asked a serious question like what does he think of Hilary Clinton. The best answer you will get is " I think success has gone to her butt ". Walter is not satisfied very easily and loves to dwell on that fact. When watching his part of the show, you will hear things that have never been said and the only thing you can do is laugh. To sum it all up, Walter is a curmudgeon. Despite that, he is still a hilarious man and once you start watching him you can never stop.

Achmed is the one terrorist who was truly never a terror. He sits on stage as skeletal with a turban on his head and just pours out astounding jokes. He's and incompetent suicide bomber that can be easily insulted but only has one comeback. Which in fact has made him well known " Silence ! I Kill You! ". The way his eyes bulge out of his head when said, just makes you wanna laugh. In a way Achmed makes talking about terrorism rather easy, and can help lighten the subject. Though, once being a terrorist which unfortunately backfired on him, he still believes he is frightening and that one day he will get his 72 virgins that all martyrs receive. He is a conflicted and lovable soul, that you will die watching.

Finally, Bubba J the biggest redneck puppet you'll ever meet. He has but two loves: his country, his beer, and NASCAR. When asked what he does all day his response, " Watching NASCAR and drinkin' BEER! " (Dunham). He has a sense of humor that will just make you cry. His laugh, his eyes, and his denseness adds to a great show he puts on. The comments he makes are to much to handle on a full stomach. Does he have a drinking problem " Nah, I have it pretty much figured out " (Dunham) he'll say. Favorite beer, " An open one " (Dunham), and what does he think about getting help, " AA is for Quitters! " (Dunham). A lot of times he can be pretty inappropriate but we love him anyway. Bubba J has a different intake on life and shows you its ok to be different. So next time you found your interested in a girl don't be afraid to go up to her and say " Young woman you look more delicious than mayonnaise oozin' out of a spam sandwich''. (Dunham) It seemed to get him pretty far.

All that is needed to explain why Jeff Dunham is great is four words, Peanut, Walter, Achmed, and Bubba J. Together all of them can put on quite a show. The laugher is loud, the tears will pour and you won't even know what hit you. A Jeff Dunham show is possibly the best experience you could ever have. Days, weeks, months, and years later you will still be quoting something out of his show. You may even make it your own, just take " What's up tittles!? ".

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