The Influence of Advertising On Society and the Power Of Effective Commercial

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Today advertising is the most influential way to catch a person's attention. Usually all business entities use ads to attract their consumers. An interesting question appears about how the short and simple introspective effects used in commercials make us fall prey to outright persuasion. It seems to me that advertising has been riddled with a lot of mystery and contradictions. There are various techniques that ads use which make a person feel that he or she needs a particular product. Each commercial maker uses very unique strategies designed to attract the attention of a specific social group(s). When ad companies are creating a commercial they always are concerned about all of the ingredients which will make their ads successful such as psychological and sociological approaches as well as multicultural, demographic, and target marketing. The specialized services that ad companies provide make the advertising business one of the highest profit making businesses in the world.

Other businesses can't survive without advertising since commercials persuade the customer about products or services a company sells .

The power of advertisement corresponds to the use of different techniques like changes and the process of repetition. By utilizing the process of repetition, small distinctions of the product can produce major perceived differences between brands. The advertisement emphasizes points that favor a brand. It doesn't have to really persuade us - merely raise our awareness of the positive perspective. From the psychological point of view repetition increases our familiarity with and acceptance of the claims of the advertisers. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, there is a greater likelihood that viewer will begin to believe that the claim is true as the viewer becomes more familiar with the product through the repetition of the ad. Basically the ad tends to make us think that...