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What Influences Behavior

When it comes to people's behavior, there are many factors that influence it. These are things people deal with every day, such as technology and peer groups. Technology causes people to be lazy, unhappy and have to social skills, while peers groups influence people through positive and negative peer pressure. This is because everything is easily accessible through the internet, and because peoples fear of rejection leads them to give into peer pressure.

Almost nothing is as influential in today's society as technology. In fact many people go a little crazy if they find themselves in a situation where they cannot have their phones, tablets, or laptops, because everything is accessible through technology. People are now shop online instead of going to the mall, work at home so they will not have to go to the office, play Xbox rather than playing sports outside, and sometimes even Skype family instead of going to see them.

Everything can now be done from a bedroom. Therefore technology makes people lazy. But it does not only have the power to make people lazy, it can also cause people to be unhappy.

Through social media, technology makes people unhappy. This is not true for everyone who uses social media, just people who are too involved in it. Getting too involved in social media will cause them to measure how much people like them by how many follower or likes they get. Or they find themselves envying other because of their posts. They see the pictures of people on vacation, or with a bunch of friends having a great time, and they compare that to themselves, and it depresses them. Along with making people unhappy, technology also leads people to have no social skills.