The Information Superhighway: Tells about the positive and negative effects that the information superhighway (internet) has had on society.

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The Information Superhighway

While the information super highway has had an effect on society, all is not positive and toward a goal of the growth to society. Corporations may experience a growth in profits by selling goods via Internet and increase these profits by the reduction in work force. This reduction in workforce, however, reduces the quantity of available purchasers, having a negative economic effect on society. In addition to the negative economic effect society as a whole is about to suffer immeasurable harm. Social interaction has been reduced which will have an effect on society interaction.

While the speed and ease of the information age has been good for profit lines in some corporations, others have been trying to play catch up in the technology explosion, which has given society an "I need it now" mentality. Small companies who used to rely on local workforces, the teens of America, the future of society, now have been shoved aside like abandoned unwanted children in third world countries.

Major corporations like Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's and Home Depot have monopolized the shopping experience once enjoyed by the mom and pop stores, the backbone of small town America. Where there once were thriving stores owned by families who employed friends and relatives, there are now vacant buildings and thrift stores selling used clothing and furniture. The "Super Centers" have invaded and crippled small town America and have gone further offering Internet shopping for 'our convenience'. The reduced need to employ the younger generation has lead to an increase of unemployment especially in small towns.

The reduction of workforce may strike back at the big corporations, though, due to the reduced amount of money able to be earned and, therefore, spent by the population as a whole. Reduction in workforce for profits alone...