Information System Technology - How General Electric conducts business using Information Technology

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GE partners with customers to design and implement customized needs for each facility. The breadth of technologies offered by GE allows managers to select exactly what they need for each department, with across-the-board integration, giving them what they want, when they want it. As a leader in all types of technologies for more than 25 years, GE is continually developing ground-breaking technologies that can be brought to life at their production facilities quicker than ever before.

General Electric is a large company that must track all assets within its structure. As one should be well aware, an organization's plant and equipment are the physical assets necessary for the production of the quality goods and services its customers want. Assets must be maintained in order to continue to perform their intended function. GE's management team realizes each department must establish its own unique hierarchy and configuration for physical assets. Assets can be located at one site or can be widely distributed.

They can be fixed, moveable, or even mobile, allowing them to be moved to new locations, swapped in as replacements, sent in to repair depots, etc. Additionally, assets can be mechanical, electrical or civil. Often these individual assets perform one specific function in a process made up of many functions. This is where Information Technology comes in.

Constant updates of the Information Technology structure allow a large enterprise such as GE, which has thousands of individually numbered assets, requiring an effective, efficient method of monitoring assets. Assets can include a wide variety of items ranging from an engine in a forklift to the forklift itself to the truck on which the forklift loads goods to be shipped to the computer used to track the shipment.

The Assets Module Program (AMP) GE developed enables them to record, maintain structure...