Inner Journey's - using "My Place" by Sally Morgan, Margaret Atwood's "Journey to the Interior" and others.

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Advanced English: Area of Study

Inner Journeys

Texts Used: "My Place" by Sally Morgan

"Journeys", Board of Studies Stimulus Booklet

* Inner Journeys. Eye contact.

* Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here this morning to take you deeper into the possible meaning behind those two simple words.

* My texts that I will be using today all have many links to the concept of the inner journey, and intertextual links with each other. My main prescribed texts are Sally Morgan's "My Place" published in 1987, and the "Journeys" Stimulus Booklet for the Area of Study. I have chosen three texts out of the booklet, a film review "Blood on the Tracks" by Renay Walker, the poem "Journey to the Interior" by Margaret Atwood, and a quote by Shirley Geok-lin Lim "The Town Where Time Stands Still".

* Inner Journeys are a difficult concept to grasp hold of. They take so many different forms, in so many different places, how can we even begin to try to define them? There are many different views held about what an inner journey is, and from the texts that I have chosen, I have formed my own concepts around the Inner Journey.

* In "My Place", Sally Morgan is throughout her book, searching for her true identity. She wants to have a sense of purpose to her life, and this leads her into her search for her family's heritage. At the beginning of the book, while we are reading her childhood memories, she can not understand why Nan won't tell her about their past. "I felt all churned up, but I didn't know why. I had accepted by now that Nan was dark, and that our heritage was not shared by most Australians, but if Nan was Aboriginal, why didn't she say so?"...