Inside Polygamy, should it be outlawed?

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Polygamy is a practice of having multiple wifes and creating a a family that can create offspring at an incredible rate. Polygamy also has many long lasting effects that I will explain in this paper. In my opinion these effects are more than enough evidence that polygamy should be outlawed.

You can trace polygamy back almost as far back as America. Polygamy is practiced in many different countries including America, India , and Africa. Polygamy has cought everyones attention one time or another with court cases, or walking around town seeing people strangly dressed.

Polygamy is the practice of taking multiple wifes. In the mormon religion it is believed that the men in the marriage are already guarenteed a spot in heaven. Depending on the number of wifes he has taken on earth will determine the standing of the man in heaven. The mormon religion also believes that a woman can not enter the gates of heaven unless she is married and sealed in the temple.

Polygamist households have an outstanding number of violence and inbreeding occuring. Inbreeding has scientificly been proven to cause horrible abnormalties and deformadies.

Widly known Kingston clan is one of the most famous poligamist clans known, and also one of the most dangerous. John Ortell Kingston is famous for marrying his half sisters and nieces. The Kingston clan believes in evolution where they breed only in the family to "keep the blood pure". No new members are introduced to the clan. This produces inbreeding which have serious consequences such as deformadies, and disease. The goal is to only breed desirable traits, and weed out the undesirable, such as rebelion. Brothers marry sisters to build up a royal preisthood. This is a horrible practice of genetics and will result in a horrible depleated population.

Another reason...