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Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig age 33. Attended Gorge Washington University majoring in phycology and sociology after college moved to New York and began working as a stylist at YM magazine. After four years he broke out on her own as a freelance stylist working with musicians such a s backstreet boys, Britney spears and Enrique Iglesias and Vanessa Carlton. The occupation of a wardrobe stylist didn't even exist 10 years ago when fashion designs and celebrities realized the revenue that could be brought un from red carpet photos. Now a stylist is and essential celebrity handler along with publicist and trainer. Rachel is now a top Hollywood stylist who earns up to $6000 per day. Her job is to dress some of the worlds most famous teen Idols for film premiers and magazine shoots.

The look she portrays is bohemian chic, an imitated style mixing vintage with modern day romantic pieces, effortless fashion look.

Rachel also incorporates 1970's sex appeal into styling her clients this includes part biker chick, part disco denizen she favours super skinny jeans sky-high studded or snake skin stilettoed heels and vintage drapey goddess gowns. Rachel style is grounded in 1970 so thinness is essential she works with flat-chested clients this is influenced by hard partying 1970s rock stars and Studio 54 regulars women such as, Bianca Jagger, Diane von Frsternberg, Diana Ross and Stevie nicks She is inspired by designers such as Chloe's Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney.

Rachel Zoe is an inspiration to my work as she incorporates class, glamour and style to make her clients look high-quality. Mixing vintage with modern day romantic pieces is post-modern work and is very influential for my work of vintage to modern. Rachel Zoe also excludes trends to make her clients always in style, this is what...