Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum.

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Arts integration is ensuring and allowing students an equitable education through all aspects of learning. Arts integration is combining any art form with any academic instruction. Not only are you just combining it but you are introducing to your students a different way of learning and studying a subject. There are three ways arts can be introduced into the curriculum; learning with the arts, learning through the arts, and learning about the arts.

Learning with the arts is taking any art form and showing it to the class as an aid to help teach them about a particular subject. For example, I am teaching students how to write a story. They should know that all stories should have a beginning, middle, and an end. Using learning with the arts I will show them a dance that tells a story and have them pinpoint what the beginning, middle, and end is.

They will also be asked to tell what they think the story is about.

Learning through the arts enables students to hold onto to subject matter so they are able to express themselves, using any art form, and their understanding of the material. For example, using the same art form and subject, I will have students create movement to tell a story. They will present their creative movement and submit a paper with the story.

Learning about the arts is actually learning about the art form you decide to integrate with your curriculum. Since I have used dance I will ask my students to find out some information on dance. What different types of dance are there? I may also ask them to find out some dance terminology. Students may become interested in learning about a particular art form after learning with and through.

Integrating the arts will deepen instruction...