Intelligence: It Is Already Coded Within Us

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Intelligence is the root of our creativity, innovation, and exploration. But the exact contributions on the development of our intellectual brain or lack of it are still in obscurity. One main factor is our genetic makeup-which is basically who we are without any kind of outside influence. The second one is the environment, which can be divided into two sub factors: the shared environment that is common amongst others, and the non shared environment that is the environmental elements only available to a particular individual. The extent of our intelligence is already coded in our DNA, as Murray states "prodigies achieve computing mastery at an early age primarily as a result of biological makeup", but it is very much molded, influenced, and developed by our environment and experiences (qtd. in Svoboda).

It is a known fact that levels of intelligence varies among cultures. Genetic research has revealed that races are remarkably alike, but what makes the average Asian person have a higher IQ score than the average White person? Or what makes the average White person have a higher IQ score than the average Black person? The reasons could be associated with economic circumstances, quality of living, schooling opportunities, racism, or any other social factor.

In the past, different ethnic groups in different parts of the world have experienced "golden ages", where their empire has been considered somewhat of a genius for their contribution to civilization. But as stated by Myers, "Cultures rise and fall over centuries: genes do not" (361). Culture should not be labeled or categorized with a certain intelligence quotient because that is simply not the case. Culture has little if any significance on intelligence because the proof is in the ingenious contributions made from so many different cultures over time. Instead, people should expect the most...