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INTER OFFICE MEMORANDUM Many educational facilities today are using single servers with backup servers for general purposes to provide file and print sharing, standard applications such as access to the Web, FTP and SMTP. The use of single servers for your educational purposes will be cost effective, reliable and scalable for your convenience. I propose the IBM's xSeries 220 server to be the ideal server to meet the requirement utilized by the six computer labs and their individual computer systems. This server would be the best initial server that can be easily upgraded and integrated later to a more complex system making room for future growth.

IBM's xSeries 220 (Model 86464AX) uses top of the line server technology such as the usage of Intel Pentium III multiple processors installed with an Intel based chipset. It can support file and print serving, applications involving workgroups as well as e-commerce (Internet Applications).

There are many advantages to using this server such as: • Cost effective in that it is an all in one server. You do not need to purchase separate servers for different applications.

• Tower or Rack options are available. Although you have the option, I recommend that you purchase the rack server in order to save space and to have the ability to expand in the future.

• It is an Intel Pentium III 1266 MHz processor upgradeable to a two processor unit.

• If upgraded to a dual processor, you can improve total throughput to improve faster service and to allow more activity.

• Has the ability to function if one of the processors fails, the other one takes over.

• Holds a maximum of 4096 MB of ram to allow many applications to be stored into memory.

• The server has a maximum hard drive capacity of 293.6 GB. This is more than enough space for all applications and work space for all six computer labs.

• The hard disk controller is an ultra160 SCSI 64 bit integrated single channel which provides the fastest communication between the system and hard drive.

• SCSI is a very reliable infrastructure in the overall server to maintain speed and the controller runs independently.

• Easy to set up a network using Windows NT as the base operation system of the server.

• The warranty from IBM is three years for parts, one year labour, and on-site repair. IBM also has a technical support web site and a Helpdesk to contact 24 hours a day for any problems, questions and concerns.

I am proposing that they purchase two IBM xSeries 220 to provide the network servers to power College labs. Having two servers eliminates down time resulting if one server fails, the other will take over all the tasks allowing service to continue while repairs are being conducted.

I have obtained a quoting fee of $12 000.00 for both systems which includes: • 10/100 Ethernet server adapter • 3 IBM 18.2 GB 10K-rpm Ultra160 SCSI Hot-Swap SL HDD • 4Ux20D Tower-to-Rack Kit • 4 IBM 512 PC133 ECC SDRAM RDIMM (2GB) • 17" monitor, mouse and keyboard • 48X CDROM • Windows NT Server 4.0 To be able to create the server you require, this is the initial cost and can be upgradeable when needed. I assure you that these servers will be efficient to run the six labs in the College. The initial cost involved will be made up over the years. It will be able to suffice your needs in the future.