Internationalization of Education

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The internationalization of education in Australia has been encouraged by the government policy. Australian Education International (AEI) 2006 found 84% international students the first choice for studying was Australia. According to the statistics, because the quality of education, reputation and future job prospects, 88% international students would recommend to family or friends to study in Australia. They also indicated that they had satisfied Australian educational experience.

For international curriculum, these following lists are used by Australian university:prepare international professions for students.

lead to internationally professional qualifications.

lead to joint or double degrees.

with an international subject.

provide more than one country for interdisciplinary programs.

address cross-linguistic communication and skill training.

curriculum is especially designed for overseas students.

However, there are some problems about these listing. First of all, these listing are unclear about what is international. Secondly, joint or double degrees are not necessary. Finally, internationalisation education tend to be seen an outcome instead of education process.

Besides, for teaching, it is also need to consider more. The teaching in Australian university is also need to change more flexible. For example: are lectures the best way to students whose spoken English is less than excellent? Should provide videotapes of lectures? Also, the universities pedagogy will need to move to: 1. pervasion of inter-cultural, 2. global portable.

For students, especially study in information technology and engineeringsuggest need to focus on oral communication skills. Because many students study in these areas communicate well with machines but not with people.

Finally, new technologies often make changes more practical. For example: the blackboard tutorial addresses that many international students perform poorly in the traditional tutorial system. The traditional tutorial system is ineffective of helping weaker students. However, the blackboard students can look at what other students doing and interact with each other. Then shy...