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Plan of Approach




Name of student: Huang Ruochen (126892)

Nguyen Tuan Luong Phong (2430632)

Saxion Hogescholen

Academic FEM Deventer

International Final Year Accounting and Finance (ACFI)

The project mentor: Mrs.Mathilde.Gorter


Project graduation period: 2010

Date: 12/4/2010

1. Introduction

According to《China Internet banking investigate in 2009》 reported that: Although the financial crisis in the United States spreads around the world, but the developing of China internet banking maintained a growth trend, especially personal internet banking, during the past year, with help of competent authorities, commercial banks and China Financial Certification Authority, personal internet banking show a strong momentum of development. Besides, in Viet Nam, internet banking is a promising service because of the convenience and modernity of it. The main convenience is that lots of people using internet banking increased rapidly and many banks have investment, development and application delivery channels this new service.

With internet banking , customers instead of going to bank to have transactions they can sit at home or agency, or a café to make certain transactions with the bank. At the same time, the survey also found that, while Internet banking users develop fast, the activity of user use Internet banking also increase rapidly. The activity increase fast and users would like taste more functions of internet banking show that: To lots of users internet banking played an important role in their daily life and business operating works. With modern information technology, internet banking showed great vitality. According to incomplete statistics, most of big banks in USA can offer Internet banking transaction. Despite the different banks have their different development strategies, and they are in different situation on developing ways, however we can sure that as internet...