Internet Hackers - Methods to the "Madness"; This is an essay which details much of the techniques used by modern hackers, as well as their motives for such actions.

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Internet Hackers - Methods to the "Madness"

The internet began as a computer network commissioned by the Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1969 as a network between four universities. Because of the volume of information available and the potential value of instant information transmission, the network known as the internet grew exponentially (Kristula 2). With the increased usage of the internet, has come an increased throughput of information. Contained within the transmitted data are many business secrets and a great deal of personal financial information. The potential offered by this "gold mine" has attracted an ever-increasing amount of attention, and the data are now being sought by many. People who attempt to exploit the internet by illegally accessing unauthorized information have become known as hackers. These hackers pose a great threat to the internet and its users, and their motivation and methods have become the subject of media attention and close scrutiny.

While there are no common demographic profiles of hackers, there does appear to be a commonality of attitudes and behavior (Pfleeger 13). For a hacker the computer alone provides the entertainment. Any hole that is found in a system is a thrill, and the correction of the problem often presents the hacker with an interesting puzzle (Himanen 1). There are two major kinds of hackers. The first type of hacker locates system holes to fix them (Pfleeger 12). The second type of hacker searches for a problem within a system to exploit it. For both types the finding of a problem means excitement (Himanen 2). Many hackers tend to be rather cynical and arrogant in their outlook. They also do not believe anything they are doing is wrong (Mentor 1). A popular hacker, whose screen name is Mentor, demonstrated this attitude very clearly. While speaking on a certain...