Interracial relationships

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Joseph Bejarano


Dr. Vorndran


Essay #2: Final Presentation

The virtue that I chose was acceptance because in life we have to accept others lifestyles, spiritual beliefs and cultures. Sometimes people find it very difficult accepting others, but I think we should learn and search within ourselves to find a way to accept others for being different, for having unique personalities, and for what lifestyle each person has. To accept others, we must show respect and kindness so that we can get along with people but also have tolerance and courage for what people say about our spiritual beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles each of us have. We also have to accept people for how they behave and feel. We must respect every religion and learn to accept others cultural beliefs so that we can build strong relationships or friendships with others who come from all over the world. People must understand that we all are human beings and we have to get along and treat each other equally.

We must accept others lifestyles, spiritual beliefs, and cultures because we have to accept people as who they are as a person and we must love their personalities, otherwise we can't get along.

In order to get along with each other we need to accept others cultures. We must respect each other's culture because every culture is different. This doesn't mean we have to discriminate against them just because it's a different culture from yours. We can't judge them for being different, so we have to adapt with each other culture beliefs to learn others experiences in their life. It's good to know how people experience their life because we could maybe like their food, their music, their cultural celebrations, the clothes they wear, and much more. It's about how to...