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cooking with an Amish womenn, in her home as we prepare supper. She asked me questions about my life. She later asked if I had any questions for her. So I started asing her about family life from marrage till present.

Q: How are weddings usually held?

Amish women(AW): Well (with a shrug), my wedding was held on one day. Our father don't give us away. We walk down the rows of pews together. There is a wedding wagon, that we have, that we can get thewhite pews off of and the tables for the gathering later on. We don't kiss in front of everyone because we only show affection to each other in our home. (shrug) So its simple.

Q: Why don't the Amish wear rings?

AW: If you haven't notice we don't wear jewlery. (snikers) Wearing rings would show individuality and us Amish like to be the same as our fellow Amish. We think wearing jewlery is like expressig how much money we have. We don't judge people on money, we don't judge them at all.

Q: How old were you and yur husband when you both got married?

AW: I was 22 he was (squints her eye) 24. i was pregnant with my first child at that same age.

Q: Were yiu scared when you got pregnant?

AW: No (sighs). I was 10 when my mother gave birth to my brother. I had to help her through the pregnacy and after he was born. I also helped take care of him as well as many other brother s and sisters.

Q: Did your husband helped you take care of your children?

AW: Yes ecspecially withh my first son because I came down ill after the birth. I got infection an he was by...