Interview/Paper On Marine Mike Hoffman's Experiences In Iraq.

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By: Lee A. Zito

Mike Hoffman is a U.S. Marine. In December of 2001 he was sent to Iraq, along with fellow members of his Battalion, Romeo 5/10, to fight in President Bush's "war". He risked his life out in the desert, at the same time posing as a threat to those who opposed him. Unlike Jessica Lynch, the popular Army soldier who became a P.O.W. in Iraq, Mike Hoffman's name does not grace millions of magazine covers, selling blind American Patriotism. Instead he is eager to share his experience in the military, one of reality, sincerity, and hope. Mike Hoffman is a U.S. Marine, against war and against military action.

In June of 1997, Michael Hoffman graduated from High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Weary on continuing his education, he settled into the workforce.

"I had been working a job at the bookstore since I was in high school, so basically I just tried to pick up more hours there.

Eventually, I started working at the toy store across the hall from there and got to be an assistant manager. I went through Christmas and after Christmas I joined the Marines."

Mike went on to tell about what lead him to enlist.

"I had a cousin who was in the Marines and he had always been a real big influence in my life. Then my friend Andy was joining up, he was real gung-ho, and wanted to do it. He talked me into it and said, you know, you're not doing much, come and talk to a recruiter. We can go through boot camp together."

But plans change when Mike receives a call from his recruiter.

"I was originally supposed to wait for Andy to graduate, then we'd go to boot camp on the buddy program, but what happened was...