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Non-Swearing Experiment

For this experiment I am going to be giving up swearing for three days. This means that I am not allowed to use any bad words, for an example I am not allowed to say the F bomb but I am allowed to say firkin.

For one whole day I recorded how many times I swore. I learned that I swear the most when I'm with my friends and when I am frustrated. At home I will swear maybe once or twice. When I'm with my friends it really does not change my mood. Swearing doesn't make me happy or sad, I just stay the same. When I am frustrated swearing makes me feel calmer. At home it kind of slips out and I feel bad because I am around my family and we don't swear when we are around each other. During the day I think a lot about swearing but I do find that I stop myself a lot from swearing because I know it is a bad thing to do.

After three days of not swearing.

A) During the first day I wanted to swear many times. My swear count was getting close to thirty (30). By the last day I was down a significant amount, I only wanted to swear about 3-5 times a day.

B) Every time I stopped myself from swearing I felt good because I knew I had self control, this makes me more confident because I know that I can apply myself to other subject other than swearing.

C) My mood during this experiment has changed many times. I went into this experiment being confident, I thought that I would have control over what I wanted to say and that stopping swearing cold turkey wouldn't be a problem for me.