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"Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros"


The Story is about a young girl, growing as the only daughter of six other brothers. When growing up, the father includes her as one of his "Siete Niños," (Seven Boys). She grows up near with her six brothers, and learns a lot about each other. She wants her father to understand that she is important also, but the father diverts his attention to her brothers. Then when she is in the 5th grade, she shares her dreams to go to college, and do something with her life. Her brothers all laugh at her. Her father says while in college, she will find a husband there. The father's judgment and the common stereotype state that Her destiny is to become a good "House Wife." But after four years of college and some time at the undergraduate school, she still hasn't got a husband let alone a boyfriend. Her father says that she has wasted her education. She later says that she always was writing for her father, and writing for mainstream culture. Ten years went by, and now she is now a professional writer creating works of art. Her father has developed an unwell sickness. She gives her father some of her own story to read in Spanish (Father's native language), and he likes it a lot. At the end of reading, the father becomes very proud of her daughter…