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In this weeks lecture two companies that caught my eye as being profitable and highly respected are Fedelity Investments and Ecora Software. They both offer vital products and services to there customers. They assist people and business by offering such products and services all over the world.

Fedelity Investments offers a huge range of financial services, from HR benefits to having one of the world's largest mutual funds supermarkets. Ecora Software helps companies IT departments manage the computer on there networks by providing them with there award winning software solutions.

In all presentation there are large markets for the companies. With Fedelity there is a huge market for retirement, payroll services, 40k plans, and consulting services to corporations. Because of the large market Fedelity became one of the world's largest providers of financial services, and manages assets of 1.6 trillion dollars. Ecora also has a large market that grows with every computer placed on the internet and networks.

With its Total Configuration Management solutions for the IT infrastructure IT managers can quickly do updates on any computer connected to its network, therefore cutting the cost of hiring more people in the IT departments of companies.

Both Fedelity investments and Ecora Software were started by entrepreneurs. Fedelity today is still privately owned and run by the Johnson Family. Ecora was founded by Alex Bakman now the CEO. The successes stories behind each company make me anxious in starting my own company. Building a company that is the best in its industry and having world recognition.

After viewing this lecture my feelings and thoughts towards business have been very constructive. The thought of waiting three more years is disappointing me because it seems to me like the presenters are having fun with there jobs. Throughout the night it seemed like everyone was...