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After comparing conditions to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Tianjin developing cities of China, Beijing settled by us as the target for the investment. Beijing is the capital of China. The city is the center of politics, culture, and international exchanges, as well as one of the largest metropolises of industry, finance and trade. Beijing has a semi-humid climate with clearly cut seasons. Spring and autumn are short while winter and summer are long.

The research has been involved in business of fast food restaurants, coffee shops, web cafés, bars which those are similar consistent to the budget of AAA Company. Finally, ample investigations indicate that to establish medium-sized bar is the better choice. Depends on the fast growing economy trend of Beijing, bar's turnover will be more than current average-20,000 USD per month.

Beijing has 10.6 million permanent residents. The transient population is over 3 million. It is favorite place of tourists who come from different countries.

There are ten districts and eight counties under the jurisdiction of Beijing. 70.8 percent of people age structure of Beijing is 16-59 year-old (young generation) , thus, the potential customers is huge in bar business. The famous bar streets are seated in tourism locus in downtown, where there has convenient traffic and security advantages. In preparing this proposal, we collected plenty of information from magazines, websites, and e-questionnaire.

Yet, disadvantages exhibited in competitions and seasonal turnover decline. But obviously, problems could be solved by effective management strategies.

Proposal Organization

This proposal analyzed business opportunities in Beijing, and both advantages and disadvantages for investor. The proposal designed diversity management tactics to handle the impact of unstable factors.


Beijing is the national political and cultural center; it is high-tech cosmopolis. The unique features of the...