Investigation of Gravity

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How does the air resistance effect a moving object

What is air resistance?

Air resistance is a force that is also know as drag. Drag is the act of air pushing against a moving object, however air resistance works against the direction of the movement. The forces that work perpendicular are called lift. Drag is a force that not like others depends on the velocity of the object. Air resistance is a component of net aerodynamic. Air resistance reduces the net force applied to a falling object, since gravity is typically labeled the positive force and air resistance is the negative force acting on it.[1:'s+Second+Law+of+Motion]

Drag is a frictional force, particularly the fluid friction and therefore opposes the motion of an object. Overall air resistance isn't a very strong force because for example air resistance also works against you while you are walking but you don't feel it, because the drag depends on the speed you are moving in.

As for example when you are running you notice the force more. The air resistance doesn't only depend on the speed it also depends on the surface.

How is air resistance calculated and by what is it influenced?

The formula to calculate air resistance is

D= Cd x p x v^2 x A


In this formula D stands for Drag, Cd for co-efficient, p for density, v^2 for velocity squared and A for referenced Area. Using this formula you can tell that the Drag depends on many different factors such as density, velocity, size weight and shape. It also depends on the density of the fluid or air.

Air resistance is influenced by the shape and size. For example if you would drop two pieces of paper one crumpled up and one flat.